Virtualmin and Apache 2.4

I know Apache 2.4 was just released but has any testing been done to ensure compatibility with the new version? I am looking to install 2.4 for some additional performance and features but rely on Virtualmin to handle all the configs and don’t want to break anything.



Nope, there hasn’t been much testing on that yet. It generally gets all of the testing whenever distributions begin offering that software version.

Much of the syntax added to Apache is specified in the Server Templates, which is something you could tweak if you ran into any problems.

I don’t know what syntax has changed in this Apache version, but you may need to be careful making changes in Webmin -> Servers -> Apache, as editing the configs in there may introduce incompatibilities.

You could always try all that out on a test server to see how it works though.


According to a Nessus scan, Apache 2.4 has multiple vulnerabilities and is considered a high risk. Is it possible to upgrade Apache to 2.4.10 from within Webmin?