Virtualmin and Amazon's new Aurora -

So… Amazon Aurora… huge promises of performance improvements over MySQL…

I’ve struggled some with mysql keeping up with my site’s traffic. I seem to have it all ok now with the optimizing I did.

But for the future - would Virtualmin be able to use Aurora as the server’s database?

For example, I have a wordpress site, I could set up Virtualmin and my wordpress site on EC2, then set up the database on AWS/Aurora - so I would have instances of both, be charged for EC2 and the database separately?

Is that the way it would work? I don’t understand much about Amazon’s hosting and pricing structure, I find it quite complicated… but a much faster database at a less or same cost as what I am currently paying is an enticing idea.


I’m not too familiar with Amazon’s pricing. However, after reading up on Aurora, it appears that it’s designed to be MySQL-compatible.

If that’s the case, then using it from within Webmin/Virtualmin should just be a matter of configuring Webmin to look at the remote server for MySQL, rather than looking locally.

You can set those in Webmin -> Servers -> MySQL -> Module Config -> System Config.

In there, you’d want to tweak “MySQL host to connect to” and “MySQL port to connect to”. You’d also want to make sure the login credentials were set.

So if you have a server capable of communicating with Aurora, once you configure the above, you should be all set!