Virtualmin 7 on 22.04


I am currently on Ubuntu 20.04 with virtualmin and it is running php7.4 which will be EOL in november.

Will Virtualmin 7 be out of beta for 22.04 by november?

I know I can add php8.1 repos to 20.04 but ideally I would like to switch to the next distro on a clean install.

Can I use the beta virtualmin script and VM7 beta will be upgradeable to RTM through the dashboard?


@lawk I kindly suggest you to stick with default repos Ubuntu came up, will keep you hopefully safe and working for many years. If you want to switch to newer repo, please do so but make sure you know what you are doing, assume you’re Sysadmin and DevOps in one person. I would recommend virtualmin @staff to not do this before product is finally released for each distro and properly, so no don’t pressure about distro which does have poor track of security, use something like Alma Linux or debian…

I am on default repo for 20.04. But I dont think 20.04 wil be updated above php7.4? My understanding is that security updates will also end in november for php7.4. If you run PHP sites and scripts it will become relevant to upgrade.

22.04 is default on php8.

I run Debian not unstable Ubuntu - so what Ubuntu you running? On server always make sure itd ltd… You do not need run latest pho palava 7 works fine till 9 will end up and it will be an 4 year…so what do you want need?

20.04 is an LTS release up to 2025 and 2030 for security updates. However it ships with php7.4.x which will be EOL in November.

As CMS and Nextcloud progress they will eventually require php8.x which ships with 22.04 LTS

I really just wanted to know from the devs if VM7 wil be fully released by then on 22.04.


Just to clarify the way Ubuntu team addresses software such as PHP 7.4.

While it is true the PHP team will no longer be creating any new updates including security threats after the date mention (Nov 2022), the Ubuntu team will continue to address any known issues on their end a process called backporting.

Like RedHat who does the same thing for this users, backporting is the process of taking bug fixes from upstream (PHP 8.x) and applying them to older versions when applicable.

Also if their team discovers a bug they’ll work to address it accordingly throughout their distros support cycle.

This means until around April 2030 Ubuntu 20.04 and it’s supported software will receive security / bug fixes from the Ubuntu team even if the software maintainer discontinues support. This is part of their LTS agreement.


fair enough. But if you run platforms that are in active development they will eventually stop supporting 7.4 so that was why I was wondering if there is an ETA on 22.04 and VM7 to be out of beta.


The rule of thumb with major distros however is that they’ll continue to support software within their stack for the lifetime of the distro version (ex. 20.04) and/or provide an upgrade path if required.

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