Virtualmin 7 GPL update "HASH" on admin screen

OS type and version CentOS 7.9
Webmin version 1.991
Virtualmin version 7.0gpl
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after updating Vmin today my admin screen has a HASH(hex number) diplayed at top of page.
See attached screenshot please(screenshot has been edited to remove actual hexidecimal code that was shown):

If it’s suspected to be safe to post the actual hex number, I will edit this post

Are you sure you’ve updated to the latest virtual-server module available? 7.0-4 had a packaging bug that led to the lang files being missing…fixed within a few hours by 7.0-5.

Hey Joe,
yes the exact version from CLI is:
[root@server]# rpm -qa wbm-virt*
[root@server/]# wbm-virtual-server-7.0.gpl-5.noarch
(above results were truncated for brevity)

That would/should be latest, when I update yum and clean repos I do not show any updates


@Joe we need a new framed theme update.

as a follow-up, the latest update has not changed the staus of this issue.
Server was updated just prior to this posting.


@Joe, can you please roll out Virtualmin Framed Theme package?

@BossHog Authentic Theme doesn’t have this issue.

@Ilia I know Authentic was/is your baby and it is a beautiful theme. Just…not my cup of tea.

So my questions is, should we not be using V’min Framed Theme anymore?
If not then I can learn to live with Authentic


Thank you for your kind word.

I was patching Virtualmin Framed Theme to keep up for legacy support. We were even thinking with @Jamie of adding it to default Webmin package instead of Grey Theme.

Whether you should learn it or not, is up to you. :slightly_smiling_face: What’s for sure, there are plenty of very convenient features in Authentic, like smart category filtering, file editor/viewer, favorites, drop down command shell, powerful File Manager and many more. It even has MOD functionality (to share messages across users on the system).

The older frame theme should just continue to work for users who want it.

@Ilia what could cause that HASH text to appear at the top of the page?

Authentic theme looks great and my cup of tea.



The change I made on Virtualmin side.

What was the change PR?

I needed a more more fininess control over alerts.

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