Virtualmin 6 installer now available

Howdy all,

I’ve switched all of our installer links to point to the new Virtualmin 6.0 installer. It’s been in beta for a couple of weeks, and has been pretty extensively tested on all of our supported distros…but, it’s almost entirely new code (the first major overhaul of the install system in over a decade), so it’s likely got more quirks that we haven’t found yet. Please tell us when you find them.

We always recommend using the latest supported version of your preferred distribution, but that’s even more true now. The most recent versions of CentOS, Debian, and Ubuntu, are simply a better experience. Because they all use systemd, the install is more consistent across them. They all get php7 packages during installation. They all get a firewalld firewall configured specifically for Virtualmin and they get a fail2ban configuration to suit, as well. So, there are lots of good reasons to use CentOS 7, Debian 9, or Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (rather than earlier versions of those distributions).

And, just a reminder: The installer is not for upgrading a production system; once installed, you should never run the install script again. I’ll provide a script to switch repos in the next day or so, for folks who want to migrate to the new repository and get access to the new virtualmin config-system command, among other things.

Documentation is still being updated, but the Download page and the automated installation docs are currently up to date. The manual installation docs aren’t updated yet, and that’s where most of the interesting changes have happened.

So, this is a “soft launch” of Virtualmin 6. We consider the new installer better and more reliable than the old one, in addition to having a bunch of new features setup by default, so it was worth getting it out there even before we cover all of the new features in detail in the docs. The default mode (just running it with sh will result in the same basic stack as the old installer (LAMP, plus a mail stack with ClamAV/SpamAssassin), and that needs no additional docs.



i installed virtualmin new but get a lot of problems,Emails are not going through neither DKIM is installng.
Plz help

I’m also having issues, postfix and clamd doesn’t work

LEMP doesn’t install Nginx, installs Apache but apache refuses to start, like d’uhh ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Can we get a copy of version 5.99 meanwhile?

When something isn’t working, what problem are you seeing exactly?

If Postfix/SMTP isn’t working, what errors are you experiencing? You can see those in /var/log/mail.log and /var/log/maillog.

In the case of Apache not starting, what error are you seeing in the Apache error log, located in either /var/log/httpd/error_log or /var/log/apache2/error_log.


Hello Andrey, thanks for you response. First of, I’m on CentOS 7.3.1611

I was having SASL Auth failed when I checked maillog file last time. On client side it gave “SMTP command failed”. Unable to receive nor send emails at all. All my DNS is set up correctly, I had LetsEncrypt certificate already. Dovecot, Postfix all configured correctly.

Regarding apache, I installed VM with NGINX, or so I thought. And NGINX was installed and it was running, I checked it under the default directory. But upon creating a virtual host from VM, I had no available options to check or uncheck “create NGINX website” etc but apache. I thought it was odd, so I went on to check for the default plan and NGINX option was no where to be found. I then went into Webmin area, check under Servers and NGINX was no where to be found, but Apache option was there, which only threw errors upon visiting the link.

Anyways, you’re more than welcome to investigate it inside my VPS anytime. I’d be happy to send you the login information so you can see the errors yourself.

This issue, which affected Debian and Ubuntu in some circumstances, should be fixed, as of a couple of days ago.

Oh, you had problems with the LEMP option on CentOS? I haven’t received any bug reports (at least that I’ve seen yet) about that. There were a couple of known issues with Debian/Ubuntu and the LEMP option, but I thought CentOS was working. I’ll look into it.

But, I guess I wasn’t very clear that nginx support is still beta. It’s better than in <5.99 (since there was no support at all for nginx in earlier versions of the install script), but it’s new and has very little testing.

Unfortunately not, sir.

I’ve just encountered the problem couple of hours ago on fresh CentOS 7.3, and I wiped the VPS later on.

I provided a link in the other thread where you asked about it, but I’ll include it here, too, just in case. The VM5 installer never went away, it’s here:

But, Virtualmin 6 installer bugs will get worked out usually within a day or so of me finding out about them. Just keep reporting them.

Perhaps I should be more clear.

I have wiped my VPS about 10 times already, thinking the problem was on my end. But every single time Virtualmin had something broken out of the box. First email. I mean, it’s still broken even after 10 times, but that’s when I started noticing that there was something wrong. Second, php was having problems. Scripts were not being executed, they were being downloaded. And directories were being downloaded as empty files. Like navigating to “” would throw a “roundcube” file to my downloads folder. It was an easy fix, I found the solution here on this forum.

Then I thought maybe I should perhaps install VM little differently and I went with LEMP. Well, installer said everything went well it even showed green bars inside my, but it didn’t work as expected, however NGINX was running inside the server but there were just not a single configuration option for it. Instead I was faced with Apache configuration links, but navigating there would only tell me errors such as “Apache not running, not installed” etc. Oh and whole email system was still broken under that install. There were more errors, but I just can’t seem to remember them at this moment. I’m actually exhausted.

Anyhow, I thank you so much Joe for providing the V5 installer script. I just wiped a VPS and installed VM using the script you provided, and everything is flawless!

I can definitely send and receive all kinds of emails, emails with attachments, all sorts of attachments etc. Everything is working as expected, like php, apache, LetsEncrypt (it was throwing error before on V6 when you request certificate that covers mail.domain) etc.

Although I should mention my version of VM is 6.00 even though I used the older script and I have no package updates available. I think when you removed QMail+LDAP, they removed a dependency or something like that.

So, I’m happy once again, I have no idea what was really wrong because it just seemed everything started breaking apart to me. If you would like to get into one of my servers and investigate, you’re more than welcome to :slight_smile:

I’ve been having the same issues, will try with the vm5 script too

Are you on CentOS?

I was thinking of installing VM6 on a fresh Ubuntu 16.04 or so, see what happens. I know CentOS is little behind when it comes to updates, and modern new technology and stuff so… But I like CentOS because of that :slight_smile:

Yes I’m running Centos 7.3 fully patched

I can host the script for you if you’d like, so you can call it from my server. Or you can just host wherever and call it. But I wanted to let you know that the older script works flawless.

Where can i get vm5 script??

Thanks to all of you to addressing my issues,All goes well now with old version…Thanks Joe

So, one of the new things in the VM6 installer is that it sets up SCL for PHP7, and EPEL for some other stuff, so CentOS 7 gets a pretty good selection of packages with the new installer. It’s possible to do that manually (and it’s not even that hard) on a system installed with the old installer, but it’s not automatic.