Virtualmin 6.2.0 - ubuntu 20.04 PostgreSql

The latest version of virtualmin apparently does not install the necessary Postgres packages, since the moment to ask if mysql is installed and also PostgreSql also advances installing Mysql, if PostgreSql is also selected it sends an error similar to when Huge Mysql is selected


Thanks for heads up.

Try running:

apt-get install postgresql postgresql-client libdbd-pg-perl libpg-perl
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PostgreSQL is not installed by default on Ubuntu 18.04 or 20.04. It’s listed as Suggests: in the package, but most people don’t have suggested packages enabled. I think I wanted to reduce the initial install size and complexity, and very few of our users use PostgreSQL (despite it being superior to MySQL/Mariadb in some regards), so it needs to be installed if you want to use PostgreSQL.

It was an intentional change to remove it from the default install, but you’re not clear about what problem you’re seeing in the setup wizard? Is it offering PostgreSQL options? It shouldn’t if the postgresql packages aren’t installed…that’d be a bug, but not one I’ve seen.

You also keep completely leaving out what error you get when selecting “huge” MySQL size. Please post the actual errors you get. Just saying “it didn’t work” is not at all helpful in getting it fixed.

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