Virtualmin 6.09 released for CentOS distros

Howdy all,

I’ve finally gotten some of my build/deploy environment rebuilt (we lost one of our servers which was hosting all of my build VMs, as well as Jamie’s Cloudmin download server, so it was quite disruptive…backups of some things exist, but quite a bit of important stuff slipped through the cracks). Anyway, that means CentOS 8 support is now probably ready for testing by adventurous users, and that needed a new Virtualmin release. So, that’s this.

Changes since 6.08:

  • Support for systems without SuExec, like CentOS 8.
  • Simpler UI for turning on redirect to SSL.
  • API command to sync TLSA records.
  • A bunch of other small bugfixes and features.

As always, let us know about bugs or problems. (Sorry it took so long.)



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