Virtualmin 3.63gpl upgrade

Hi everyone,

I am currently running virtualmin 3.63gpl on latest webmin. When I went to upgrade 3.63gpl to 3.7*, it says “updating modules and no webmin updates for this version”. How would I upgrade to 3.7 from 3.63? Sould i just download the *.wbm.gz module and install it over the current version or do i have to uninstall the 3.63 and then install 3.7. My next question would then be will the upgrade or the new install use the old configuration?

Thank you all for your input :slight_smile:

Well, this all depends on how you did the initial installation.

If you had originally installed using the file, you’d just use apt-get or yum to perform the upgrade.

If you installed manually, then yeah, I’d just download the wbm module, and install it overtop of what you have now.

Yeah, in either case, it should use your current configuration.

That said – you’d of course want to make sure you have a full backup of everything :slight_smile: