Virtual Sub Server between Customer

Hey!I am a Virtualmin Pro user.
I created two Top Level Server called &
It’s work! Then I login to
And I try to create a Sub Virtual Server under called
It is successful!!!
But I want to create a Sub Virtual Server under not
In normal,it shouldn’t create’s sub server under
Can you tell me how to block this, thankyou !

Howdy tingfung,

To create a sub-server, first select the domain under which you’d like the sub-server to exist in the left-hand drop down menu, and then click “Create Virtual Server”. Then when you click the “Sub-server” link to get to the sub-server creation form, it will be under the domain you selected in the dropdown menu.

Holler if this doesn’t cover all of your requirements–you can also force sub-servers to have only names under the parent virtual servers domain name. This is rather limiting, but it can be done in the Server Templates, I believe…so you can restrict some customers to this, while others can still create arbitrarily named sub-servers.