Virtual Servers Replication


Dear Team,

Is there any way that we can configure Slave Server for all our virtual servers?

Could anybody guide me to replicate all the virtual servers to the slave in real time. I mean if we change any file on primary server it should be replicated to the slave server in real time like DNS slave works.

Please help me to acheive this.



Do you want this replication between two servers to work for static web content such as HTML, CSS, JS and image files or would it also need to cater to dynamic web content such as PHP files and databases?

Would you want email to sync between servers too?

I need everything static and dynamic both.

So if 1 servers go down the other will take place just by replacing the IP



Is there anyone who could suggest me what to do ?



One way I can see this working is if you use ZFS on both servers, you can push the updates from one server to the other, but I don’t think this can be done in realtime for every change IIRC. But you can still schedule it to run every minute.

Cloudmin enables you to do this. Although this doesn’t do the replication in real-time, but at scheduled times.

If you’re wanting to replicate a website (so the files) you could use something like lsyncd.

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