Virtual Server resolving domain name to server IP address.

I need to have my virtual web server instance resolved to the actual domain name and not the server IP address. I hope that whatever change I will have to make will be of a global setting that will produce the same results for future virtual servers.

Having a fully functioning website my challenges now progress to name resolution and applying security measures.

Back to first question of what do I change or edit to have my server return the domain name to the browser and not the server IP address?


Hmm, I’m not entirely certain I understand the issue you’re seeing there. Can you explain what exactly is occurring?

Normally, when accessing a domain on your server, you’d get exactly that, the domain name and not the IP address.

The only way to access the IP address would be to actually enter the IP address in the browser… none of your domains should be redirecting to the IP address of the server.

If that’s not what you’re seeing though, describe the behavior you’re seeing there and we’ll do our beset to help!


When I enter the domain name into my web browser the server returns the ip address of the server. Since my server is configured to host multiple website through virtual servers I assume that I entered critical information incorrectly. Thus far, I only have one web site hosted. I expect to enter the domain name and have the web browser return the same domain name plus whatever relative info I have posted Have a view of

when I enter into my web browser I get on the URL line. How do I get the response from the server to display