Virtual Server or Alias for economical use of real memory?

Hi. I am a new user of Webmin/Virtualmin and have a quick question.

I have many domains of my own to host on my server.

With regards to memory conservation, would it be more economical memory wise for me to create a Virtual Server and add domains as aliases?

Currently I have set up 10 of my domains as Virtual Servers and out of 8GB RAM, that is using 25% real memory.

Your thoughts please?


James Harkin

One or more accounts doesnt take almost any memory, but what is hosted on that accounts/domains will make the difference. MySQL works on server level and as such must be tuned, doesnt matter is you have 10 Wordpress websites (just an example) hosted on same account or 10 different accounts. Same with many other things, like Apache caching what is another memory consumer.

Now you didnt say anything about your websites and how big they are but if majority of them are CMS (WP, Joomla…) i would take 6GB of that memory and dedicate for MySQL and Apache caching. The rest of 2 GB you can leave for other services, one small part will be used by OS/Virtualmin and the rest will be free for ClamAV, SpamAssassin and other software. Probably you could even push to 7GB for caching, but not knowing what server, what is installed and what type of websites its hard to make any accurate assessment. Just keep this in mind, there is huge difference in speed if the website is delivered from cache or from the disk even if is SSD.

To put it simple, if there isnt any valid reason they should be on the same account then keep them separated.

It doesn’t matter. The guy I paid to install Webmin/Virtualmin just trashed my servers when questioned. I guess there was an issue.


Sorry to hear, do you need assistance getting re-setup?

If you poke around the forums, you’ll find that I’ve helped dozens of folks get setup. Further, since you already paid someone else to get it setup, I’d be happy to do it at no cost as a courtesy.

Drop me a line if you want to talk about things further.

That is very generous of you. Thank you for your offer. I will message you directly.



Sorry to hear that!

As a Virtualmin Pro customer, you’re welcome to use the Support tracker to receive support. If there’s anything we can do to assist, please feel free to let us know!



It’s all good, I spent a few hours today helping him get one of the two servers back up and running. As usual, I optimised things so he’ll be able to appreciate the full benefits of Virtualmin without any extra fluff that might just waste resources. This is being done as a public service since the last guy who he paid didn’t really do the job right.

We’ll be working on his other machine in a day or two when we both some more free time, but so far he’s got one mean machine up and running along with lots of extra knowledge and best practises :slight_smile: