Virtual server notification email

I’ve used Virtualmin for quite a while, although am by no means an expert.

I just set up a virtual server, and it didn’t send a notification email. I’ve usually had one in the past. I have two questions:

  1. Why might it not have sent one? (I checked in /var/log/maillog, and there is no attempt). Where do I control whether it does or not?

  2. How can I ask it to resend an email with all the hosting details?



Hmm… if you go into System Settings -> Server Templates -> Default -> Mail for Domain, is “Email message to send upon server creation” set to “Message below”? And then, is there a message in the textbox under that line?

As far as resending – you can do that by going into Administrative Options -> Re-Send Signup Email.


Great, thanks! I had found the server templates after sending my initila query, but the message was blank. I discovered that /etc/webmin/virtual-server/domain-template was empty, so I copied one from another server. I then went back into the template page and changed the option from “None” to “Message below”.

I still hadn’t found out how to re-send the email, so many thanks for the tip!


Unfortunately, the option Re-Send Signup Email doesn’t appear on my server. I’m using 3.74.gpl. I looked through the Virtualmin changelog from 3.74 to 3.80, and couldn’t find mention of that feature being added. I guess I’ll try updating to 3.80 anyway and looking again.

Or could it be a feature that’s just in Pro?

Hrm… if for some reason it were a Pro-only feature, I would consider that a bug :slight_smile:

I’d recommend upgrading to 3.80. If that doesn’t help, let me know and I’ll see if we can get that working for you.


The “Re-send signup email” function is missing for me (using 3.80 on Ubuntu 10.04) as well under “Administrative Options”.

Using the command line “virtualmin resend-email --domain” did work though. And I can’t imagine that such a simple function should be pro-only… so probably rather a bug. :slight_smile: