Virtual Server Creation improvement

I made an account with [ as part of username, then it cannot be accessed, modified, nor deleted from virtualmin interface, I cannot access webmin > server > mariadb server too.

Some errors on perl script execution on virtualmin GUI.

After a session with @tpnsolutions it is fixed, but it should be prevented.

I also want to suggest that virtual server creation should happen in background (CMIIW) and virtualmin GUI only show log of virtual server creation, so when a virtual server is created, user should not forced wait on virtual server creation screen. It should an progress update only, not mandatory to stay on that screen, without warning if navigating to other page. Those who want to see the progress should free to stay in virtual server creation page.

If webmin restart is mandatory after creating a virtual server, we can add a popup if a root user navigate away from virtual server creation screen when popup is due.

To recap, what I suggest in this post is:

  1. Prevent illegal character in virtual server creation.
  2. Make virtual server creation done in background, let user navigate away while creating virtual server in progress.

With all due respect: What’s the big deal with waiting 10 to 20 seconds for the process to finish? It tells you in the window exactly what is going on. When it’s finished it will tell you. You don’t need a popup when you are literally being told each and every thing that is being done the instant you hit the “create virtual server” button.

If it’s just impossible to wait the 10 to 20 seconds, simply open up a new tab in your browser.


I believe he was merely pointing out how a lot of modern systems do tasks in the background and popup a message when the task is complete rather then loading in the foreground and making you wait.

Nothing wrong with the suggestion, as many things in Virtualmin already do run in the background or have an option to do so such as backups.

Virtualmin with Authentic Theme will already generate a desktop notification, for example, you started creating a virtual server and switched browser tabs or completely switched away from the browser:

It is already showing notification if I open another tab/window, whether it is a virtualmin or not.

yes, it is. Thank you.

Because the pricey competitor did that in background, and creating virtual server feels “done” instantly. This will blow users that comparing UX before moving to Virtualmin. Even more if it is requesting lets encrypt certs for local domain, that will set back waiting time to more than a minute.

Also please don’t forget that I asked preventing illegal character in virtual server creation. This will prevent victims like me.

Relevant text highlighted.

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