Virtual server backup time

Hello there,

I have encountered a strange problem, the backup loading time has jumped from 1minute to almost 20 minutes like you can see here below:

Local file /home/bragginn/backup/2011-08-04-23:52 2 domains 04/Aug/2011 23:52 17:11 164.84 MB Yes
Local file /home/bragginn/backup/2011-08-03-04:00 3 domains 03/Aug/2011 04:00 11:59 183.02 MB Yes
Local file /home/bragginn/backup/2011-08-02-16:00 3 domains 02/Aug/2011 16:00 01:22 161.82 MB Yes

In the latest one I had deleted my newest virtual server since i thought maybe it was related to it.
It seems to stall for that long time while executing this command:

Copying Apache log files …

and while doing so the websites become almost completely unresponsive…

Any ideas on what might be causing this?


P.s. Im running Virtualmin GPL, latest version


My guess is that one particular Virtual Server has grown pretty large, and is taking a long time to backup.

Alternatively, I’ve occasionally seen issues where if a given directory were to get a whole bunch of small files in it, hundreds of thousands of them – things can really slow down as the filesystem fights to process all those files.\

Something like that can happen in, say, a session or tmp directory.

You may want to review your various Virtual Servers, and see if any are particularly large, as well as if any have a directory containing a particularly large number of files.