Virtual Server Admin cant create database?

I am a bit confused here. I know that when I am logged into Webmin as root I can do anything. I am a bit confused as to the other logins though. I have a client that I have created a virtual host for on my server using Webmin and the Virtualmin GPL plugin. This is easy to understand but now there is a login for Webmin for the virtualmin user that is the admin of the virtual host. When I log into webmin as the virtual host admin, I can see mysql databases in the left menu but when I go there I can only edit the tables of the default database for the virtualhost and there are two databases active in the virtualhost when viewing all virtualhosts from the virtualmin module of webmin while logged into webmin as root. I have edited the virtualhost to allow mysql administration but still I do not get any options to see both databases under the virtualhost and I cannot create a new database while logged into Webmin as the virtualhost admin. Whats going on with the virtualhost admin’s login and why cant they administer their databases? Should they be logging into some other UI ?