virtual minimalistic

I use Virtualmin strictly for email management, it makes it so easy. Thanks guys!

My question is can I uninstall MySQL, apache, bind, postgreSQL, proFTPD, spamassassin (have a dedicated system for this as mx already), webalizer without any repercussions? Or does virtualmin need them to be present functional or not?


While those services aren’t needed in your case, whether or not you can actually remove them depends on your distro. The newest Debian versions, as well as Ubuntu, should allow you to remove them altogether. CentOS and Debian 7 (I believe) have a dependency set on those.

However, you can always disable the services though, even if you aren’t removing them. You can disable the service in Webmin -> Services -> Bootup and Shutdown.

Once you do that, you can remove the Virtualmin feature using Virtualmin -> System Settings -> Features and Plugins.