Virtual Memory completely used

Hi everybody
I have a VPS with installed Virtualmin, I’m kind of new about Virtualmin.
I just attached the actual situation of my virtual private server to this topic.
As you can see the virtual memory is about to be completely used.

Virtual memory 128 MB total, 125.89 MB used

Why my server keep using the whole Virtual memory even if the RAM is just used for one third?

What happens when the Virtual Memory will be completely use?
And what can I do to increase Virtual Memory without buy a new VPS?


Hmm… what output do you receive if you run the command “free -m”?


                total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached

Mem: 4096 2052 2043 0 0 539

-/+ buffers/cache: 1513 2582

Swap: 128 125 2

I just restarted the server and the virtual memory now is 0 .

What is used for virtual memory and why the server does not free it automatically?


Looking at your “free -m” output – your memory actually appears fine.

You have plenty of free memory (over 2GB), and over 500MB of cached memory.

The virtual memory (swap) all being used isn’t a problem, so long as your server contains free memory.