Virtual machines have no internet access, their status is "SSH"

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I have this problem with virtual switch acting like a hyper-v virtual switch in Private mode. Virtual machines are getting the right ip addresses (same subnet as in physical network) but can only communicate with the host OS. The physical server has 2 physical NICs, bonded together (because the physical switch accepts only trunk traffic) and bridged with 1 public ip address for host OS so virtual machines could use that bridge to communicate with LAN and WAN but with their own IP addresses. When i open Root Shell for a CentOS 6.4 virtual machine and try to ping i get Destination Host Prohibited. What could be the cause to this problem? The big idea is to, with a few clicks, to create a virtual machine that out-of-the-box has public ip address asigned to it and can communicate with the outside world/host some servers if needed and such.