Virtual IP interface

Hi there

I am running virtualmin GPL and only have 1 dedicated external IP address at this time. I am in the process of ordering a new line for my second ip address.

I have everything working fine as it should however I have come across a problem I already have my own ssl certificate for my domain however I need to include another ssl certificate for another domain.

When I create the virtual server with ssl it states I already have a ssl for this domain I can continue but browsers may see the present certificate before the new one if I click create it creates the host I can see the site from outside my lan.

I am behind a router with a default ip of this is static as set in etc/network/interfaces.

I tried to create a virtual IP address by setting the range is the virtual IP range settings. When I then create a host and select virtual with ip it creates the domain and give no errors.

If I then type the domain name into browser it defaults to the default website address on my server.

It created the ip address if I type this into url site appears bit not from outside world.

did I miss something with regards to virtual IP address settings.

I’m aware I could use multi ssl validation things but it’s expensive compared to single ssl certs any work around or diagnostics to help me find the problem.