Virtual Interface

I’m having some issues getting virtual interfaces to work.
I’ve set up my virtual server to use an IP from the pool i specified in the server template.
As far as I can see it add everything like it should be. But I am no guru at virtual interfaces. Actually I’ve never done it before.

Here are some of my settings:
Network interface for virtual addresses = eth0
Default virtual server IP address = From network interface
Default IP address for DNS records = Automatically detect external address

The virtual interface gets put up as eth0:1 and the ip from my range is

Some insight would be greatly appreciated.

I forgot to mention that all traffic to the new virtual interface is sendt directly to the site hosted at the hostname of the server.<br><br>Post edited by: olafskaug, at: 2009/04/03 04:21

your IP looks like it is behind some home router/NAT
I wonder why you want to set up several virtual ifaces and IP’s…

go to: webmin - networking - Network Configuration
in the right pane click on: Network Interfaces
click on the interface you want a virtual iface on.

at the right you’ll see (Add virtual interface), click on that
fill in the data, like the IP and the number of the iface.

As ronald mentioned, you’re probably going to a lot of trouble for nothing. Unless you have a public IP per private IP, and you’re forwarding each of them to a different private address, there is nothing useful you can do with a bunch of private IPs.

I thought the whole point of the virtual ip’s was that you could have many ssl certs. I’m at a point where i need to have more than one. Will I have to create a multi domain ssl cert?

Never mind my earlier post. I totally get it now. Guess I’ll have to get the guys at networking to cough up some ranges.