Virtual Hosts are not SSH/FTP avialable


I have issue with my fresh virtual install into proxmox VM behind nginx proxy. I am able to login to FTP/SSH by root login, but not able to login by created virtual hosts. Also I am able to login by other virtualhosts ftp account through local IP.
EX for SSH/FTP access:
root OK
root OK
user Not works
root OK

Your help & advise highly appreciated.


Somebody advise please :frowning:

nginx proxy has nothing to do with ssh/ftp.

Check to be sure you’re using the right username. It is usually not domain.tld, it is usually just domain. You can see this in the domain summary ( Administration username) or in the Edit Users page.

I have already check all username from Edit User and VirtualServer screens.

dev.domain.tld is already forwarded to virtualmin management
domain.tld is pointing to different VM
dev2.domain2.tld is pointing to VM where virtual apache2

dev is able to login to dev.domain.tld and dev2.domain2.tld
dev2 is only able to login local ip 192.168.1.X

Is there are some sort of settings which allow user to login to SSH/FTP from specific domain?

That doesn’t make sense. Are you sure dev2.domain2.tld is actually resolving to your server? Because there is no difference to ssh whether you contact it on a hostname or an IP (there could be IP-based restrictions, but Virtualmin doesn’t set any up).

No. ssh doesn’t know anything about domains. You’re misinterpreting the behavior you’re seeing, though I don’t know exactly what you’re seeing…it has nothing to do with what domain name you use.