Virtual Host on ubuntu via Webmin

I have an old laptop pentium 4 32bit, 2GB Ram, with ubuntu 16.04LTS 32 bit Desktop with LAMP, Webmin, Virtualmin on a laptop (Genuine Intel® CPU T2130 @ 1.86GHz × 2, Intel® 945GM x86 / MMX / SSE2, 32bit, 12 GB HDD, 2GB RAM) that I have. I have a VPS online with Plesk and all my sites run without any problems. I want my laptop as a test server. I have a No-IP xxx dot ddns dot net domain.
The name of the laptop is also xxx dot ddns dot net and normally runs the Apache web page.
I created a site on wampp windows 10 and it runs as normal on wampp as on my VPS.
I want to make the site run on Ubuntu as well and I have made a xxx dot ddns folder under the www folder. dot net and put the folder inside the website. I made a VHOST but nothing …
Also a directory ~ / xxx dot ddns dot net / site1 and definitions in webmin on the default server this folder as per directory and put as directives:
Options Indexes FollowSymLinks
AllowOverride None
Require all granted
but nothing…
I want under the / var / www / xxx dot ddns dot net folder to access my sites eg / var / www / xxx dot ddns dot net / site1, / var / www / xxx dot ddns dot net / site2 and have access as http: // xxx dot ddns dot net / site1, http: // xxx dot ddns dot net / site2 …
I try to make it run on the Webmin without any effect. I get a difference like 404 not able to access the resource.
I want to do it through Webmin. Some help please. So far I have been following Plesk’s standard procedure and need to learn Apache2.But in recent years I have been working with IIS and I have a limited time.
Also after installing VIRTUALMIN all PHP pages appear white while CTRL + U see PHP code.
I followed this guide to anything else: