Virtual domain with same name as fqdn server


Sorry for my poor english, i’m a french user.
I explain my problem.
My server fqdn name is, running ubuntu 8.04+virtualmin GPL 3.74
How can i do if i would create a virtualdomain name under virtualmin ?

I have testing, it works but it gives me problem with email on all virtualdomain.

I search the forum but i didn’t find the same problem.

Do you have a method to do this or is this impossible ?

Thanks for all your response.


There should be no problems in receiving email for any Virtual Server you’re hosting.

If you’re having trouble, let us know what isn’t working, and what errors you are seeing.




Thanks for your reply.
I think I found the problem.
On the virtualdomain which has the same name than the fqdn server, i have setup a catchall and forward all email to an external mail.
So, in fact, all email * was forwarded.
But, in mail.log, I have see that when postfix received a new email for virtualdomain1 like something@virtualdomain1.tld, postfix rewrite the destination mail with
In this case, all email received on virtualdomain1 was forwarded to my external catchall email.
If a delete the catchall, my problem disapear !!!

But having no catchall is a problem for me.

I think I made a mistake when I setup my server in the fqdn name.
What do you think if I delete all and in Ubuntu install and used a subdomain like ?
Perhaps in this case no problem for catchall, because i think postfix rewrite all mail with which was different from



First, it should not matter what your hostname/FQDN is, you should be able to have a catchall address that works.

I have a feeling something isn’t quite setup correctly at the moment, though I’m not quite sure what.

However, if you want to change your hostname, you don’t need to reinstall anything – just do the following:

  • Type “hostname”

  • Set your hostname in /etc/hosts

  • Edit /etc/postfix/, and add your new hostname to /etc/postfix/

  • Edit /etc/hostname, and change the hostname listed in there

Thanks andreychek, I will apply your method soon !!