virtual dependency on postgrey the greylisting filter does nto require postgreSQL


i done some testing and from what i see enabling the greylisting on postfix from virtualmin force user to install and run the postgreSQL database. But when i look at how greylisting works at least on debian wheezy it seems to use berkerleydb files in /Var/lib/ and not postgreSQL at all. Therefor this dependency seems to be something not used perhaps a missunderstanding because of the name or an ancient requirement that is not anymore used.

Is there a way to remove this dependency for this feature ?

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Hmm, the Postgrey module definitely shouldn’t require that the Postgres database be running. It doesn’t use MySQL either.

On my personal server, I’m not running Postgres, but I am using greylisting.

What error(s) are you seeing that indicate it wants Postgres to be installed and running?


well i did the test again and it seem that i drink too much alcohol as it does not touch postgresql… sorry for the noise :frowning:

i thnik i should start using drugs, all sysadmin fall into that one way or another anyway !