virt forgot it existed

I had virtualmin/webmin crash out and refuse to start so i had to uninstall virt/web/usermin. All of the other servers were in tact( all of the webistes, servers, files) are still there. How can i make virt “remember” the settings?

Well, if you remove all of Virtualmin and it’s config files, it not longer has any metadata linking users, Apache websites, databases, passwords, and the like.

I don’t recall if the GPL version offers this, but I do know it’s in the Pro – there is an option in Add Servers -> Import Virtual Servers, that allows you to recreate all that.


yeah i tried that to no avail. I had to go step by step correcting the various errors it threw at me. virt is great software…as long as it doesn’t get confused…then it’s an absolute nightmare. I got the servers restored(after many line by line mods) Now i am having another issue…will post in it’s own thread.

first the virt listings showed no domains…when i imported them all the mailboxes were now aliases…got that fixed and the apache directives got dupes in it causing apache to wig…got that fixed then spamd and clamav would not start…got that fixed and then saslauthd would not allow smtp authentications…that’s when i killed virt and the base os. two days of chasing down virt induced errors in not only virt but the base os…format/reload. This is becoming a recurrent theme…if you try to move away from the defaults even with the options provided IN THE INTERFACE virt goes insane. This is multiple times i have had issues like this. Stick with the defaults and you are fine don’t wander off the path even though alternatives are given.

before working on cloudmin you need to get virt to the level of rock solid webmin is currently at.

Joe and everyone at webmin…you are a great bunch of guys and your dedication to your products is admirable. Don’t take these comments as anything other than constructive…but i think virt has some deep coding issues that are going to be hard to pin down. Webmin just works…period. Before messing with cloudmin…get virt to webmin’s level of it just works…period. if that means all the alternate paths you offer go away…that’s fine.

first the virt listings showed no domains.

Yes, as Eric explained to you already, by uninstalling Virtualmin you deleted all of your virtual host information. You made it happen…we can’t stop you from breaking things, if you try hard enough.

All the “bugs” you’re describing are related to you deleting the information that Virtualmin needs to know what’s going on. You can’t honestly expect Virtualmin to survive being uninstalled, can you?

no i don’t…i uninstalled virt only AFTER fighting with it for two days after it corrupted itself…read my post please.

it may have been wiser to come to this forum when you got the trouble and before uninstalling he *mins.

It seems you installed virtualmin as a module on a working webmin, this process should go well if your OS is a supported one. However you make no mention of the OS and software version nor hardware you used. This is a bit like calling the fire-brigade after the house burned down and then blaming the firemen for arriving too late. sorry if that sounds like a rant.

that said uninstalling is not a good idea as you have found out in the meantime, fixing the issues is. So is the box working again?