View postfix mail queue state on dashboard

OS type and version Debian 10
Webmin version 1.990
Virtualmin version 6.17-3
Related packages Postfix

I would like to add the postfix mail queue state onto the dashboard, possibly in the stats history, so I can easily see if there are any issues with the mail flow.

Has anyone done something like this before and, if not, where are the files that manage the dashboard display?


Certainly not in Stats History but perhaps optionally (under separate accordion) by using system_info API. @Jamie and @Joe, what do you think of it?

Sure, I wouldn’t object to this being optionally displayed.

Only if it can show cached data. Anything that can possibly slow the dashboard is bad.

Alright. I’ll have a loot at that.

As this would be optional, I don’t think we should cache it, as cached mail queue data is pretty pointless? Also, listing mail queue is also very fast?

No, reading the mail queue can be pretty slow if it’s large…

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Alright, I will look into adding it optionally and using cached data as suggested.

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