"vhost" sometimes localhost loads instead of the domain

Operating system:


OS version:


Within my domain I set the IP to say:

My reverse proxy will tunnel to it and make test.example.com (example domain) got to

But when I install WordPress, I get redirected to localhost. I edited the DB to remove localhost.

I tried a different folder with a simple PHP file. Loading the file direct. E.G.
test.example DOT COM/test/alex.php, test.example DOT COM/wp/reese/ (as long as there’s an index.php) will load.
Something like: test.example DOT COM/wp/ will (for no seemingly good reason) will do http://localhost:33335/wp/

The only mild differences I can see are the file permissions in: test.example DOT COM/wp/reese/ compared to the index.php in test.example DOT COM/wp/

Any ideas?

I’m doing this hosting (with the different fake local IP’s to host some pages at home instead of a VPS)

DOT COM - because of 2 links limit…

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