Vhost quota type update

I’ve noticed over the years a problem with using soft quotas with vhosts in vmin gpl on debian (not sure about other distros) on a standard install. generally, a warning is generated when a user goes over their quota, however, mysql doesnt seem to obey this and the following error starts coming in daemon.log once the quota gets to around 150%+/-:

Oct 21 12:39:24 host mysqld: 131021 12:39:24 [Warning] Disk is full writing ‘./user/table.MYD’ (Errcode: 122). Waiting for someone to free space… (Expect up to 60 secs delay for server to continue after freeing disk space)

I can confirm that there is free disk space on the entire server… and that the vhosts are using soft quotas that are setup in the server template, as well as from when browsing webmin > system > disk quotas.

im assuming that if i setup the servers to use hard quotas, this problem would happen as soon as the users quota is reached? i may be wrong, but i’d like to test this, however, if i make the change in the server template the changes dont apply to vhosts using the template using the vmin CLI documentation. the closest i’ve come to finding a way is from this example CLI but this applies to apache:

"Regenerate Apache VirtualHost information using the latest data from the Apache Website section in the Server Templates

#!/bin/sh doms=`virtualmin list-domains --with-feature web --name-only` for dom in $doms; do virtualmin disable-feature --domain $dom --web --webalizer --logrotate virtualmin enable-feature --domain $dom --web --webalizer --logrotate done"

any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.