vhost only works thru preview link

When i go to http://mysite.com, i get

Index of /

Name	Last modified	Size	Description

Apache/2.2.3 (CentOS) Server at mysite.com Port 80

if I ping mysite.com, it DOES resolve to the correct IP address, which is the same IP address as in the URL below


that DOES work and shows the complete website.

access logs dont show any hits via direct requests (only via the preview link)

what’s wrong with virtualmin?


First suggestion would be to validate the virtual server under “Limits and Validation”, to have Virtualmin check for incorrect Apache config file entries.

If that does not help, check the Apache config manually, and see what directory it lists for DocumentRoot. Check via SSH if that directory contains the proper files.

thanks locutus. I found out what the problem was. ANOTHER VPS on the same box had an orphan entry for a an Active Virtual Interface that was requesting use of the IP in question (the one that was properly configured in the VPS which hosted mysite.com.

Since I never even BEEN to Webmin>Networking>Network Configuration, it was added automatically by Virtualmin upon creation of a website that was subsequently deleted, but virtualmin or webmin failed to remove the Virtual Interface from that VPS.

thanks again.

IP address theft - always a fun thing to debug. :wink: