Vhost Administrator User Email Address

during vserver creation, where/how do i specify the email address for the admin user? as of right now, it gets automatically created using an incorrect email address (it uses the virtual machine’s domain).

also, for domains already created, where do i change the email address in use for the admin user?



When creating a new Virtual Server, that’s set in Create Virtual Server -> Advanced options -> Contact email address.

To change existing accounts, you can go into Edit Virtual Server -> Configurable settings, and set “Contact Email Address” there.


thanks, now how do i change the default (Administrator’s mailbox)?


Virtualmin should be putting the emails into the administrators mailbox… so if the domain is example.com, and the admin username is “foo”, the admin’s email address should be foo@example.com.

There’s no way to change that default, though that is usually what folks want.

Are you saying that’s not working properly for you?


It doesnt work, but not because of the name of the admin… I can always create an alias called “root”. But the domain name is the FQDN of the address used to access the virtual machine: myvm.mydomain.com. There is no mail service for this domain.

So I have to manually change it for every site created. No biggie.