very basic question about apache and users

hi all -

does apache use the username and groupname that was created by virtualmin as its “login” name?

in other words, say i created a virtual-server named “”.

so naturally enough, i see by total magic a directory out there called:


and if i were to do an ls -l i would even see something like:

drw–rw–rx virtualminisawesome virtualminisawesome 123 public_html/

so is apache sorta like logging in as the user virtualminisawesome when grabbing my html files, running php, etc ?

sorry to ask such stupid basic questions, but this was not covered in my kindergarten class.


When executing scripts, such as PHP or Perl or Python, Apache is configured to utilize the “suexec” program in order to execute those scripts as the Virtual Server owner – “virtualminisawesome” in the example you had above.