Version 6.0.7 of and 0.9.4 of

Howdy all,

I’ve just rolled out version 6.0.7 of and the installation helper library, which fixes a few installation bugs:

  • Using –hostname and –force together would not actually skip the hostname confirmation step, and so it was impossible to run unattended, without having the hostname already correctly set on the system.
  • Setting hostname was actually broken on some systems some of the time (it depended on what was already in /etc/hosts).
  • Hostname gets added to /etc/hostname. This exhibited as a hostname: Name or service not known error during configuration of ProFTPd, and could cause quirky behavior for mail.
  • Ctrl-C works as expected now in user input dialogs (i.e. you can exit the installer using Ctrl-C when it is prompting for input).
  • Cosmetic cleanups, especially when exiting with Ctrl-C, but also when exiting due to errors. Spinner artifacts should be cleaned up properly in all circumstances instead of just some.

As always, let us know about any problems you run into.

Edit: Don’t run this if Virtualmin is already installed. This is not for upgrades, and running it again on an already installed system will not fix any problems, including the ones mentioned above. If you have those problems they can be fixed by manually correcting the hostname information on your system in /etc/hosts and /etc/hostname.