Varnish - Apache - CentOS 7

Operating system: CentOS 7
OS version: centos-release-7-9.2009.1.el7.centos.x86_64

How to setup Varnish with Apache and https ?

Hi guys, I have done installing and configuring Varnish, and Apache following this tutorial Install Varnish Cache for Apache on CentOS 7 -

Now, I have working cache with HTTP protocol, but I can’t make it running on HTTPS

This is my output while testing HTTP

curl -I http://masterdomain
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Date: Tue, 12 Jan 2021 18:14:30 GMT
Server: Apache/2.4.6
Content-Length: 691
Content-Type: text/html;charset=ISO-8859-1
X-Varnish: 32838
Age: 0
Via: 1.1 varnish (Varnish/6.0)
Accept-Ranges: bytes
Connection: keep-alive

And this is my output while testing https

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Date: Tue, 12 Jan 2021 18:15:38 GMT
Server: Apache/2.4.6
Last-Modified: Wed, 23 Dec 2020 13:29:57 GMT
Accept-Ranges: bytes
Content-Length: 985754
Vary: Accept-Encoding,User-Agent
Cache-Control: private, must-revalidate
Expires: Thu, 11 Feb 2021 18:15:38 GMT
Connection: keep-alive
Content-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8

Is there any way to make this running through HTTPS port? Maybe to try some other cache software instead?

P.S. I have try to install nginx aside of Apache, but it didn’t want to start. I don’t want to remove Apache server, and I’m looking for some other approach to resolve this