Variable substitution in skeleton HTML files?

edit: OK, never mind. The variable is of course named ${DOM} and not ${DOMAIN}. It works as expected now. I feel stupid :frowning:

Original post:
I’m trying to set up a default HTML page for new domains, and I’d like to insert the domain name in the index.html file. I put ${DOMAIN} in index.html in the skeleton’s public_html directory and enabled variable substitution.

But ${DOMAIN} is not substituted in ${HOME}/public_html/index.html

I’m using Virtualmin GPL 3.53 on CentOS 5.1<br><br>Post edited by: jsoderba, at: 2008/03/13 11:18

Just for reference, the most commonly used variables are documented here:,server_settings_and_templates/#variable_subsitutions