'/var/webmin' Directory become huge

OS type and version CentOS Linux 7.9.2009
Webmin version 2.021

Dear Support.
Thank you every time for virtualmin.

Recently, Our System’s ‘/’ space became almost Full.
Then I seek Our Disk with ‘du -sh *’.
And I found directory ‘/var/webmin’ used 38G.
How do I maintenance this ?
Please Help Me !

this may help

I have only 127M in that area.

Thank you for your quickly replay !!

Oh ! Our System’s “Periodically clear log files?” field was ‘no’.
I was realized that I might had done this setting in long-long-time-ago to watch system.
And then I done the command ‘rm -rf /var/webmin/diffs’.
It became that the ‘/’ is 15%.
I think that I will continue watching the directory ‘/var/webmin’.

Thank you again !!

Ok good, mine was set to no too, this maybe this is a build up over a long time. I upgraded to Rocky9 early this year,

Oh! Rocky9 is becoming my selection too, not Rocky8.
Because ,yesterday, I was watch out that Rocky9 can Disable SELinux.
I hear that ‘Permissive’ is better than ‘Disable’ ,too.

Than you so much !!

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