/var/usermin/ logs not being rotated

OS type and version RHEL 9
Webmin version 2.101
Usermin version 7.7

I just noticed that the logs in /var/usermin/ were last rotated on 22/01/23.

A test server I created in February 2023 has never rotated.

Likewise the logs in /var/webmin/ have never rotated on either server.

Are you referring to this?

Are your logs listed?

I had an issue with one of my virtual servers and log rotation, that I found when trying to do a backup. The backup kept failing and pointed to a problem with the log rotations. I checked here and noticed that the virtual server name was wrong. I must have changed the name at some point and the name was not changed in the log file rotation. Probably one of those times I made changes outside of the system.
In any case I switched the incorrect name here and everything started working properly.

Maybe you just need to set up the rotation here or verify that the existing logs are actually listed properly or hasn’t been disabled?

They are not listed, but they aren’t “my” logs either.

I could do it manually, just thought that staff may want to adjust the default setup to include them.

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