Vanishing Emails

OS type and version CentOS Linux 7.9.2009
Webmin version 2.021
Virtualmin version 7.5
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I have migrated from Centos 6.X to this new server on Centos 7.9 and the server gave me pure hell in all departments. I have sorted them out except for the emails.
I have an odd problem: Emails appear to be delivered as I find no error - but they don’t land in the Maildir (inbox). In short the emails just vanish into thin air.
This server has no quota set. If the emails are dropped silently where should I look ?
I would appreciate any pointers. TIA

How did you migrate, via a VM backup and restore as I think that would be the safest bet.
Logs are you best help. Things should not just disappear.
Also why would you go from a very old OS to a old OS.

just to confirm, you looking in the right directory

I migrated using backups and restore. But almost everything broke - because the versions are different - OS , Perl, Python, httpd to name a few.

The trouble is maillog doesn’t say anything about dropped emails.

Was the VM and Webmin the same version? I went from Centos 7 to Rocky 9 with no issues.

Yes. I am checking the right directory - /home/domain/Maildir
It shows the emails before the migration.

No. The versions are different. Centos 6.9 stopped updation for a long time while Centos 7 is still active.

Ok, that the issue then. Not sure how that would work then sorry. Was it using postfix/dovecot old OS?

Thanks Stefan. Yes. It is using postfix/dovecot.

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