Validation failed: The DNS record resolves to the IP address instead of the virtual server's IP

Hi All,

I’d like to use custom nameservers like ns1.domain.tld and ns2.domain.tld to create and serve unlimited sub-servers like alfa.domain.tld, beta.domain.tld, charlie.domain.tld, etc. from local Virtualmin server. However, at the same time I need to point the domain name itself domain.tld (and www.domain.tld) to a remote server. Unfortunately, when changing IP to remote IP in a respective A-record for the domain it gives the following error:

Failed to save DNS records : Validation failed : The DNS record domain.tld. resolves to the IP address instead of the virtual server’s IP

How can I start using local DNS, but pointing the main domain to a remote IP?

I had the same error trying to change all the names to an external ip, I had to click edit and save the main domain.tld and after that I was able to manualy edit the dns config. The error changed to an warning.
Hope it helps you.

Daniel Branco

The script in virtualmin doesn’t allow for this for some reason, but in webmin ->servers>BIND DNS SERVER you can look up and edit the zone file for your domain and it will not try to validate against the server’s IP address.
If you now check the configuration in virtualmin it will display an error about the IP address, but it will resolve to the external IP address.