Validate Virtual Servers

Limits & Validation -> Validate Virtual Servers

shows this:

Validate Virtual Servers

Beginning validation of selected virtual servers. Any problems found will be shown in red …
ProFTPd virtual FTP : No ProFTPd virtual server found for

I’ve confirmed that I can login using the FTP credentials for that virtual server, and according to Virtualmin, ProFTP is running under Status. So then why is it still saying this?


If you go into Edit Virtual Server for, and look at Enabled Features, is the “IP-based virtual FTP enabled” setting enabled for that particular domain? In most cases, that’s not needed… it’s possible that’s enabled, and somehow the config was corrupted.


Aha! That would be it. Is there any reason why “Setup IP-based virtual FTP?” is checked by default when creating a new virtual server (from root)? Should it not be checked by default like “Setup SSL website too?”

It sounds like the “ProFTPd virtual FTP” feature is enabled by default.

If you go into Server Configuration -> Features and Plugins, look for “ProFTPd virtual FTP”, and make sure that “Default” is not checked.

That setting isn’t just for FTP, but for the IP-based FTP, which isn’t typically necessary.


Wow I’m so dumb. I thought that Default checkbox meant that the FTPd would autostart on reboot, which it wasn’t doing before I checked that. =\ (According to the Status section)

I’ll see if it still does that.

Aha, it sounds like what you may want to do is go into Webmin -> Services -> Bootup and Shutdown, and verify that ProFTPd is set to launch on bootup.


Hmm. It is. Must have been a fluke. Thanks for everything :slight_smile: