Using Virtualmin GPL leaving email untouched

Is it possible to install Virtualmin GPL on a machine and have it manage web sites in Apache, but leave the existing email system entirely untouched? I have a slightly intricate Postfix-based email system that I want to continue using exactly as it is.


The automated installation would change the email settings of your system, so you couldn’t perform the install using the script.

You can, however, perform a manual install – and you can configure the parts you require. Directions on that are here:

Thanks for your suggestion. How will it prevent Virtualmin, in normal operation, from trying to edit the Postfix configuration files? Would you please confirm that you have sound reasons for believing that it will work? Thank-you.

During installation, the script touches Postfix’s /etc/postfix/ file. By not running the script, Virtualmin won’t touch that file unless you otherwise tell it to do so.

Once Virtualmin is installed, email users will be added to /etc/postfix/virtual, and in some cases, entries added to /etc/aliases.

But, that won’t occur if you disable the “Mail” feature.

To do that, go into System Settings -> Features and Plugins, and make sure “Mail for domain”, “Spam Filtering”, and “Virus Filtering” are all disabled before you add any Virtual Servers.

However, there’s no substitute for good 'ol fashioned testing :slight_smile:

If you’re concerned about how Virtualmin will affect your system, I’d recommend setting it up on a test server before trying anything on a live system.


Thanks very much, I appreciate the clarifying follow-up. It sounds like it will work. I will do some testing as you suggest.