Using virtualmin backup feature to capture individual Amazon RDS databases

Hi everyone,

I’ve been using Virtualmin for quite some time (and love it) to host some client web sites and their respective MySQL databases on Amazon EC2, and for a whole lot of reasons now plan to turn off the MySQL database server (on localhost) and instead use RDS.

I’ve discovered that individual customer DB snapshots are not available with RDS, and I can’t seem to configure Virtualmin to back up databases from a remote DB server (eg not localhost). I’d rather not write scripts and create CRON jobs for each customer to manage their backups, but I will if I have to.

Has anyone come up with an easy way to do this, ideally using the capability within Virtualmin (eg pointing it to a different MySQL server location)?

If not, where are the Virtualmin config files located so I can jump in and try and hard-code the new DB location (Amazon RDS)?



From Virtualmin’s point of view, would Amazon RDS just appear as a remote MySQL Server?

If so, you could try going into Webmin -> Servers -> MySQL -> Module Config -> System Config, and in there, you could set “MySQL host to connect to”.

That’s set to “localhost” by default, but you should be able to set that to a remote server if you aren’t running MySQL locally.


Perfect, thanks heaps. That did the trick :slight_smile: