using spamd instead of spamassasin and clamd instead of clamscan

spamd is a much less resource intensive option for spam scanning than spamassasin. How can i configure virtualmin to use spamd instead of spamassasin. The same goes for using clamd instead of clamscan

Hey William,

We’ve discussed the spamc (spamc is the command line client for spamd) question a bit here in the forums, and the problem with it is that it doesn’t allow for per-domain and per-user configuration. If you’re willing to give those up, converting to using spamc isn’t all that painful. You’d need to turn off the spam configuration in Virtualmin and set it up system-wide manually in the procmailrc.

clamd, on the other hand, doesn’t take any configuration–it’s either on or off, and so there isn’t any harm in switching, and we will be setting it up that way in the not too distant future, probably within the next few weeks.

Here’s a thread about some of the issues involved: