Using 'root' as Virtual Server custom username

Hi all

how is possible use ‘root’ (or other existing user) as Virtual Server custom username? (see attached snapshot)

I mean that this can create /home/root directory or assign user ‘root’ as another domain’s owner (example /home/mysite and /home/root both owned by user ‘root’).

Thank you!

I don’t think you can do this. Virtualmin will want to create the user that you choose for a new server.

Question: why would you want “root” as virtual server owner? Doing so would constitute a serious security issue, since PHP scripts of that server would run as root.


yes, you are right, PHP scripts of that server would run as root. This is a security risk, and it is better to avoid this.

So, I restrict the question: can I assign a new (or existing) Virtual Server to an existing user as owner?

Thank you!

You can create a new virtual server with the same owner user as another existing Virtualmin server – see this thread from a few minutes ago: – but not with a non-Virtualmin Linux user as owner.

(You’d have to delete that Linux user first.)

You can also change the owner of an existing server to that of another existing server, by using the Server Configuration -> Move Virtual Server command and making it a sub-server.

Okay Locutus, this is a good solution… I’ll try.

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

You’re welcome! Good luck with your user naming endeavors. :slight_smile: