Using Duplicator to migrate Wordpress to VirtualMin

OS type and version RHEL 8.6
Virtualmin version 7.0

Is it possible to import a WordPress website from a non Virtualmin server using the Duplicator Plugin?

I have configured the server to use encrypted passwords which apparently means that the database password is random and Webmin warns me against changing it to something that I know.

Part2: Is it an idea to run the WordPress install script then delete the web files to be replaced by duplicator, or is it 1) a waste of time or 2) going to cause problems?

I need to get a site live today and really want to do it on VirtualMin, but I may have to use an other server until I have had more time to experiment with Virtualmin.

Hi there,

yes it should actually work. It doesn’t matter if you use another panel.
Duplicator plugin makes you a package. You have to upload it to your new server and install it with (I think) install.php.

Treat WordPress site as a bunch of PHP files and connected database. You need no plugins. Just move files and a database to a new server. The most simple and reliable way of migrating WordPress site is described here:

A bit later we will create WordPress Toolkit, which will make this possible with a single click.

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fabi, it does work as you say, one concern I have is that if I select encrypted passwords in the VM install wizard, it then created random database passwords. If I then try to change it so I can use Duplicator, it warns me that changing anything to do with the database user may have bad consequences for VM.

Duplicator needs a known database, user and password to work.

Does anyone know what the consequence might be of changing the virtual server’s database user password?

I used the All-in-one migration tool. It works perfectly every time. If you only have a couple of sites, use it. It’s flawless. If your sites are large (over 3 GB) let me know and I’ll let you download mine as it will handle sites up to 12 GB.

Hi @Randomz ,

I have used Duplicator already as well on my servers. As well, I have chosen to save the passwords in a hashed format. But I think as well on your Install wizard you’ll define a MySQL/MariaDB root password.
After that, you’ll create for every virtual server a separate password for that user for MySQL/MariaDB.
You have to crate a new MySQL database. When you run the installer.php from your Duplicator package, you’ll have to put there your credentials. The database name which you have created and your username and password.
Also I can recommend you that too what @Gomez_Adams mentioned above. It works also great without problems.

The All in one migration tool will override all of that. It will revert the Wordpress site to exactly what it was before you moved it. Database, passwords, all of it. What you enter when you install Wordpress on your new virtual server doesn’t matter.

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