Using docker-compose +proxy to install scripts

Operating system: Ubuntu
OS version: 20.04

Just for your thoughts on script installers future:

Lately, I have installed in a very simple way Redmine using docker-compose, and it is way simpler to install and maintain then using Virtualmin’s installation script, specially when running together with other scripts on same server. I just created a virtual server with a proxy to the localhost port exposed by docker, and it runs flawlessly. I put the docker-compose.yml file and its folder inside the home directory of the virtual server of the site and mapped the config files to the virtualmin virtual server’s home directory, and used the mysql database of the host system instead of a dockerized one. That way Virtualmin backups backup the config and database and docker-compose file too. In case of a restore, it would then just be a docker-compose up -d to restart everything. Thought that this is simple and elegant enough to share to Virtualmin’s team.

Adding a new script installer method to install scripts using docker-compose would make the Virtualmin systems more robust and the Virtualmin script installers much easier to maintain, as you would benefit from the docker’s scripts maintainance, Additionally, it would allow to install in a simple way any docker application from docker hub.

This thread got auto-closed Using Docker to run services managed by Virtualmin so starting this new one.

Any new thoughts on this modern way to install scripts and apps ?

Yes, it’s a good idea, especially for apps with a lot of dependencies, like Ruby on Rails apps. This forum runs in containers.