using a 3rd disk

I have just bought VM pro, haven’t installed it yet, but am using gpl version on a test server.

The to be used server is a Dell PE 1650 and I am waiting on a 73 GB disk I just ordered.

My question is:
I have 2x 36GB disks installed as raid 1.
The 73GB disk I want to use for backups and for extra domains

Can I use this extra disk for domains or just for storing files?
Is this a wise set up or must I buy additional 2 x 73GB disks and set it to raid 5?

OS CentOS 5.1
Virtualmin Pro

thank you

With the relative inexpensive drives you’re talking, you’d be best to go with the raid 5 setup and turn that into your home directory just for safety and redundancy, then you can keep your raid one to preserve VM and your OS. VM can setup the raid for you.

yes indeed. However I notice I didn’t explain myself very well, sorry for this.

The server has room for only 3 disks.
I can either have 2x36gb in raid 1 + 1x 73gb or
3x 73 gb in raid 5 (which means extra costs for buying 2 more disks)

or should I partition the 73GB disk into 3 volumes and make those volumes raid 5?

The machine has a perc 3/di hardware raid controller.
As you see I am really quite new to this.

thank you

the purpose of raid 5 is to be able to replace a disk in the raid without losing your data. If you want security get the new drives. If you want the room, make the 73 your home partition, the first 36 your working partition and the other 36 an auxiliary (throw your system and VM backups onto it. THe domain owner can always be required to backup to his hard drive ( a recommended policy anyway).

hope that helps,