Users cannot recive emails


Have been using virtualmin for 6months on our servers and everything has been going fine.

Acouple of times users have stated that they have not been reciving emails and when investigating this i have found that emails have been bouncing back as virtualmin is saying that the user has used all of there quota.

The users in question have a 50mb quota. There home directory is using less then 100k. The only way i can get the users to start reciving emails again is to set the quota to unlimited.

Any resolutions for this problem?


The key there would be to look into files on the entire server that may be owned by that user.

However, we’ve frequently seen that using the command line ClamAV scanner rather than the daemon mode can cause the symptoms you’re seeing.

You could try switching the server-based scanner by going into Email Messages -> Spam and Virus Scanning, and setting Virus scanning program to “Server Scanner”.


Thanks for the quick reply eric.

I was actually jsut about to edit my post about what i had found using the quota command and i saw in /tmp that it had clamav files permissioned to the users in question.

I have updated my clamav and set it to server scanner.

Thanks for the information.