Usermin Webmail From

I am having a few issues with Usermin Webmail. First when I log into any email from there goes as instead of

In addition, If I log into webmail using an email user and try to change the From section under Mail Forwarding and Reply…it wont save…just keeps reverting to instead of

It looks like the Mail Forwarding and Reply section isn’t tied to the main Compose section and the reply email address information. Is there no way to save the FROM field so that email replies are sent to instead of

Hi Kevin,

There are some settings regarding this under:

Webmin/Usermin Configuration/Usermin Module Configuration/Read Mail

There are a section for "User From addresses"
I use: From URL

Maybe this can help you. (And I think I have seen some other setting about this somewhere else… I think!? )


Yup…that was it…After Joe told me that the Mail Forwarding and Reply had nothing to do with the From field…I waded thru the modules under Usermin and FINALLY found it…but you are right…that is where it is at.