Usermin VS usermin-webmail?

over at Index of /download/newkey/yum I see both usermin and usermin-webmail

but in my very brief search, I cannot find any documentation on the differences between the two.

thoughts ??

Since you are asking about thoughts, I will give you a possibility, although I don’t really know since I use Usermin with Mail but did not use that to set mine up originally.

The Usermin alone is slightly smaller in size than Usermin with Mail so I would expect that the Usermin alone would give the user the ability to change password and set up some filters etc but not actually have access to the Webmail module? It may not even give any access to Mail features but would probably include any other Usermin modules that the admin gave access to. Note that in the image below that there are 2 tabs, The first is obviously the Mail portion and the Usermin Tab is that portion. There is a mail section but it does not allow reading mail but does provide access to filters etc. This may or may not be available if the Mail feature is not activated, I really don’t know.

There are quite a few modules available to Usermin. These can be activated by the admin and changes what you can do in Usermin. Maybe this overides what the inital install puts in place and provides access to Mail even if you didn’t install using the Usermin with Mail? I really don’t know.

However, If I uncheck the read Mail module in Webmin this is what I see in Usermin


Mail filters are still available but the Mail tab is no longer available. I left the Mail filter modules selected.

I know this does not really answer the question but its all I’ve got. I personally prefer to set up with the most inclusive and then limit what I can within the tool.
Maybe there are two choices just to make the initial setup easier? They may be the same thing with different modules already set as defaults?

If you find the real answer please reply back so I can have a better understanding of the setup.

usermin-webmail is a tiny version of Usermin that just does webmail. Sort of similar to webmin-minimal, which is a version of Webmin with only the core modules (i.e. only the Webmin category modules).

You probably don’t need/want it.

Thanks Joe, That makes it clearer but why would you need it since you can turn features On and Off in Webmin?

Also why is the Mail component larger than the more complete Usermin?

A better naming scheme would be

Some people like having a stripped down version and then adding the modules they need. I don’t really agree with that philosophy, since modules are pretty small (though they got a lot bigger in recent years as our number and coverage of translations got so much higher).

Good question, I’ve asked Jamie. I assume the usermin-webmail package is mostly unmaintained and didn’t get the theme pruning that Usermin got a couple/few years ago. Themes are big, and most of the old themes are kinda pointless in a world with Authentic Theme.

Better would probably be just to kill the usermin-webmail package entirely. I’m assuming nobody is using it since nobody noticed that it’s now bigger than usermin (since the whole reason for it is to be smaller).


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